MIHK is a local mask agent and manufacturer, and is committed to supplying masks. In April 2020, we also worked with other local company to build a local mask production line in Kwai Chung, one more step to solve the shortage of masks. In the coming days, we will continue to increase our production capacity, hoping that we can not only contribute to the supply of masks in Hong Kong, but also expand our supply overseas.

ISO8 Clean Room

The clean room is to exclude the fine dust particles, harmful gases, bacteria in a certain space, and control the room temperature, cleanliness, room pressure, air velocity & distribution, noise vibration, lighting & static electricity within a certain range of needs. Our clean room class meets ISO 8 level of ISO-14644 standard, which provides a clean environment for mask production.


"PACKING MACHINE & AUTOMATIC FILTER MASK MAKING MACHINE" Each piece of mask would be packed individually by packing machine to provide a safer consumer experience.